Happy 2014!


Happy New Year to each and everyone of you ♥
I hope that this past year has been good for you, but that the 2014 will be even better!

Hope you spent a nice New Year's Eve and that you have a lovely day ahead of you.

Despite all my complaints I had a pretty nice last night of the year.
I didn't get to spend it as relaxed as I wished, but it was nice: we went to see "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" (it was a good movie, I really liked it and didn't expect to!).
When it finished the streets were DESERTED (and it was barely 10PM), it was creepy as hell... So we went to wait for midnight at home.
I slept at my parents' house and grandma stayed with us, in my room ... I did't sleep much cause she kept waking up and getting disoriented, poor thing :(

At the moment grandma is watching "Ice Age: Continental Drift" on the tv next to me, we're waiting for the traditional televised New Year's Concert and lunch.

What are your plans for today?
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It's the end of the year

And I'm in the office with nothing to do and praying that they'll let me leave early.

Can I take 5 minutes to write down a more-than-likely very unpopular opinion?
I HATE the end of the year.

Don't get me wrong, this year has been so hard that I'm glad it's over.
It brought a lot of changes and some of those were actually good.
This time last year I was unhappily working for a bastard, mourning the loss of my uncle and driving myself crazy trying to decide if I should go live on my own leaving my dad when he probably needed me the most ...
I took the plunge and things are different this year. Life is still stressfull and there have been a LOT of ups and downs, but I think ultimately I'm happier today than I was a year ago on this day (but I'm still glad 2013 is over XD).

What I hate about the end of the year is the EXPECTATION.
You can't spend the end of the year at home, relaxing with something you love to do and quietly mark the pass onto the next year.
You have to CELEBRATE.
You have to go out, spend an inappropriate and unneccesary amount of money in some club/restautant/whatever and let the whole world know that you're celebrating the end of the year in style.


Because even if you want to go out, you can't even properly decide what to do.
Shops close before 6 PM, movie theaters only do the 8 PM showing, regular restaurants and bars close at 10 PM... You wanna mark the passing of the year in your own terms?
Nuh uh.
Either you make reservations and go to a place with a "Special December 31th" program/menu or you're screwed. And you have to pay with an arm, a leg and an eyeball to sit in a place crammed with people who can do nothing but drink to pass the time waiting for the clock to strike *midnight*.
You don't wanna do that?
You better have organized a big *PARTY* at your house or at a friends' house to make up for it.
Otherwise you're boring, and a loser.

Maybe it feels like such an obligation only in my country, but every single year when this time approaches I can't help but get claustrophobic.
Hell, in the last week I've been asked even by MY PARENTS every single day what I was planning to do tonight.
I hate how it makes me feel guilty or as if I'm saying something wrong when I say that I'd rather spend it at home. I hate that if I say "If you want I could spend it with you" my parents look at me pityfully as if they're feeling bad for me...
I have spent New Years' Eves out, I've gone to clubs or had parties at friends' houses.
Been there, done that.
Is it so wrong that now I want to spend it quietly ?

*God, what a monstrous entry... It was supposed to be a short update! Sorry!
I'll try to make a jollier entry tonight or tomorrow to wish you all a Happy New Year ♥*
Lazy Porch

Free Sunday

I'm so thankful Christmas and Boxing Day fell in the middle of the week this year...
It meant I had to drag myself to work on Friday, but it also meant that I saw my parents and relatives for 2 days in a row not long ago, which translates into: FREE SUNDAY!
I got the day to myself for once... Bless!

I got most of my chores out of the way yesterday, so today I'm just trying to relax and use the time to be "productive" on my computer.
Meaning that I'm organizing stuff and cleaning all the junk I accumulated in the last year, including the recent crappy downloads of KPOP songs from YouTube, got none_neither and angelalia to blame for that... (the least you two could for unleashing this on me is giving me sites from which to get songs! XD).

It also gave me a chance to get around to finally finish downloading the Fullmetal Alchemist manga and organizing all the separate files into one neat collection... No more excuses now, I'll have to get down and read it!
On top of that I really need to finish watching Brotherhood, damn it.
The last episode I watched was a good month ago ... Having the brothers separated is rubbing me the wrong way, I guess that's why I haven't had the will to find time to go on with it. The lack of Mustang is also proving to be a problem XD
But I guess the good stuff is coming so I need to plow on! I'm at the point where Ed run into Ling/Greed and decides to "work for him".

Ok, off to be "productive" and watch some Brotherhood :D
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Merry Christmas

Writing this post from my phone.
Tonight I'm staying at my parents' since tomorrow we'll have our usual big Christmas lunch with the relatives.

It's a bit sad how fast Christmas snuck up on me this year.
For years I kept fantasizing about how I'd prepare and decorate for Christmas once I managed to move into my own place...
In the end I managed to so very little, I didn't even get to buy a proper Christmas tree T_T
This is all I managed:

Collapse )

The real reason for this post though is to wish each and everyobe of you a very, Very MERRY CHRISTMAS ♥ ♥ ♥

Hope you'll spend a lovely day, eat lots of good food and most importantly get to spend it with the people you love. ♥ ♥ ♥

SM Setsuna

Better to keep your mouth closed & let people think u are a fool than to open it & remove all doubt

By now I think you all know I suck at picking titles...

I'm tyring to come back to LJ, I really am, but I feel like I lost touch too much.
Back in the day I could write posts about whatever went through my mind, be it real life or random fandom posts.
Now it feels harder: there are very few people left on here among my friends and beside boring them to tears with my RL drama I can't think of a single interesting thing to post about.
I'm pretty sure fandom isn't gonna cut it, cause I'm pretty sure you guys won't care about the fandom I'm following right now XD
Maybe someone could suggest a meme I could do?
That sound like safe-enough ground and something that will force me to post...

Half of me wonders if LJ is the thing I should be trying to be active on.

I may be wrong, but I get the impression that a lot of people moved to Tumblr or Instagram in place of actual blogs ... Am I wrong?
I like both of those but Tumblr scares the hell out of me: good to surf and find goodies, but to post? *shivers*
It feels like if you're over 27-30 people will make you feel like you have no place being on there.

And I think I'm too boring even for Instagram by now XD
Pics of me? NOT HAPPENING.
Pics of random things? Yeah, problem is picking WHAT.


Pointless entry is pointless.
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SM Haruka

"The world is governed more by appearances than realities"...

I realize that the titles I'm chosing lately are true rays of sunshine, uh?

Unfortunately that's how I feel, especially at this time of the day... when I'm in the office, dealing with a rumenian colleague that after 8 months still doesn't know how to do a single thing by herself (And God forbid you point out she made a working mistake. Her standard reply? "But you didn't explain that to me!"... 8 months. Bitch, please...).
BUT SHE has a contract, with the same level as mine!

Nevermind that I've been slaving for this company for 4 years now, that I work 8-9 hours per day with a contract of 6 hours, and that the only raise I got was obtained by ASKING FOR IT and even then it's just an expenses refund, nothing that shows on my contract.

Ah, but Rumenian girl has a 6 hours contract and she works 5 hours, so basically she works 25 hours a week and gets paid for 30. And when I very plainly told her I was pissed as hell (not at her but at our boss) she only said that "it's just for now, I'm sure that come September they'll ask me to work 6 hours!"...

Oh, did I mention that she's the girlfriend of our new administrator?
Yeah, hence the title.
But I'm not bitter. Nor humiliated. Not at all.


Everything is walking distance if you have the time

Sorry I disappeared again.
The past two weeks have been a blur.
Uncle for marginally better, he's out of isolation so that's something good.
In the midtime though his wife got in a car accident and smashed their car... She's not hurt, but damn it, when it rains it pours...
In the middle of all this, work has gone back to being a nightmare. I'm basically working 3 jobs. Fun times.

It seems like every member of family is dead set on me not staying home, so tomorrow after work I'll leave for London with my 3 friends.
I hope I'll get excited by it tomorrow cause right now I feel a lot of anxiety and little else.
Ungrateful of me. But I'm not as good as I used to be at compartmentalizing.
I'll be back home Sunday afternoon.

♥ to you all.

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SM Setsuna

Remember that as a teenager is the last you'll be happy to hear the phone is for you

This morning I turned on my pc at work to find a mail from our area manager demanding to know basically why our production is sucking right now. And he's demanding an answer from me and my colleagues, not our bosses.
Did I mention we're STILL not been paid this month? Someone promised he would pay us on November 5th... Right.
It's already shaping up to be a wonderful day.

I'm distracting myself by focusing on tomorrow, girls' night out.
I predict there will be lots of general bitching and unwinding XD
And when the Firdays distraction will be over, I'll have Saturday: lunch and afternoon out with the group of friends I'll be going to London with.
4 of us will be going for a 3 day trip there in December ^o^

And if I need more immediate distraction, I open up my email and stare at the stuff my colleague Anna and I ordered and should be getting here soon...
Just an example:

Nail Glitters

Either my world is getting very shallow or I'm getting more and more desperate XD

Back to work.

Quiet, relaxing evening

2 posts in 3 days, I feel almost proud of myself XD
It makes me sad though that I only had to go back 3 pages in my Friends List... I remember the days where if I stayed away for 1 day I had to go back 8-10 pages :(
It's depressing that most of the posts I found are feeds from Kimeru's blog >_>
I wonder what happened...
Is it that life got suddely busy as a bitch for everyone or is it that LJ is not a good place to post in anymore? :/

I ate really late tonight, but for once it wasn't because I had to stay late at work.
My mom decided to go TONIGHT to pick up my cat from the vet, with public transportations might I add. About a month ago he feel out our kitched window, little psychotic hooligan that he is >_>
The vet "stitched" his leg with nils on the inside and some kind of exernal metal support. The problem is that he keeps jumping, trying to tar it off with his teeth an being a general nutcase about it. This was the third time we had to take him in to have the metal support fixed. This time he had decided to go and be Indiana Jones under my parents' bed at 6 in the morning.
His support got caught between the bed springs and the bed's leg.
Fun times being woken up by your cat meowing as if they were cutting him in half :\
Right now he's thankfully being relatively calm, and sitting at the foot of my bed while I'm IN bed writing this XD

Forgot that most of you don't know the little menace's name.
Meet Sirius :P

Speaking of Sirius, I'm feeling like dabbing into the Harry Potter fandom again.
Wonder what the Remus/Sirius fanbase is producing right now... Mmh... I think I'll go and find out.

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HP Faith humanity

Far away, this ship is taking me far away...

... I don't know if it's worth it anymore...!!
I had "Starlight" by Muse stuck in my head for days now.

Anyway, hello!
I've been trying to make this post for more than a week now.
Since the day I got the notice that my Paid Account was expiring and I angsted over whatever I should renew it or not.
But my userpics! My cool features!
And so I decided to renew it, but I'll be damned if I don't make use of it now!

I've gotten to a point where I don't care about being diligent at work.
I'm tired of working, working, workinG and getting only piled up with more work and less money.
I'm tired of getting yelled at over the phone by people who don't get paid by my boss.
I might feel more guilty about my state of mind if I wasn't the one getting paid less and with the bigger load of work.
As it is, I decided that if I happen to have things I can postpone and the boss is not in the office I'll fill my time with surfing the net for job offers or LJ/Twitter/MY LIFE.

So once again I'm putting my mind into trying to be more active, more present.

Come to think of it I don't know how many of you will care or will read this.
If only more people came back to LJ with me... *puppy eyes*
Otherwise I might end up surfing and adding even more comminities to my Friends Page XD

For those of you who are still around... How are you doing?
How's life been theating you?
Is there still life on LJ?

I hope this time I'll be able to catch up with all of you, I miss you so darn much!!!