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You CANNOT take a goal like that 10 seconds before the match is OVER!!!

I'm in a good mood as you can tell.
I just got back from S.Siro, I went to see Milan - Bayern.
I had the update all planned, I kept seeing cool stuff and thinking 'Whoo! I gotta share this!' ... and then Dida & the defense went and did THAT.


Oh man, the only good thing is that my record still holds, Milan has never lost when I went to see them. This is only the second tie I see, the other one was a painful 0-0 vs PSV.
I'm trying to be philosophical about this, after all it's our advantage that the next game is outside for us... but my father is singing The Woe-we're-out- song already, actually he started singing it 25 minutes in the first half when it was still 0-0 -_-;

Anyway, on the goodies!
My stupid battery died while I was there so I couldn't take pictures with my phone but the goodies started right away... WARM UP!
And from my seat (right next the foreign press) I had a front view of Paolo getting a massage.... and what a massage! The guy was kneading his thighs, one by one, and since he was short he kept hugging Paolo around the waist to stand up.... I swear my mind was a litany of 'SLASHSLASHSLASH!'. Aaaah!

As a plus, Gourcouff played for a lil bit, eyecandy moment.

At one point I was ready to go down there and take Bayern's #20 and #11 on. Bastards. #20 did a fool after the other, but the one I wanted to kill was #11. He stumbled. Went down. Gattuso jumped him with the ball and what did the bastard do? Took Rino's ankle with his HAND and took him down!!  >:O
Referee didn't even see *Hmph!*

If I can forget the stupid way we took the 2 stupid goal, I can say it was an enjoyable game. Nothing like CELTIC O_O
At the beginning of the second half we were kicking some serious butt too!
Woe us.... silly, silly creatures.

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