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Random things

  • Stupid LJ... I've tried to log in for the past 2 hours, all journals were down it seems -_-

  • I feel like an old lady today... My legs hurt so much, and it's not like I run laps or anything...
    The mysteries of spring time... @_@


  • The weekend was a bit of a mother was in a really foul mood. I could see dad trying to hold it together and not explode all over the place, but even he couldn't take it anymore when she decided to shit once again on his brother and the problems he0s having with his bar. Stupid woman. Can't wait for karma to finally show its face to her, it's about time.

  • In a desperate attempt to save my second favorite pair of jeans, today I went into remodeling mood. I took scissors in my hand and cut the rim of the legs (they were falling apart with my dragging them around without rolling them up -_-). The result wasn't bad, maybe I did save them *grin*


  • And last but not least.... I'm starting to read Atobe/Ryoma. I can't believe this.
    It's all kishmet's fault, she writes them too well. Lol!
    Seriously though, TezuRyo is still my OTP, always will be, but I'm loving the Royal Pair dynamics. The snarks.. *hihihihihi*
Tags: atoryo, jeans, parents, pot
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