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I promised pictures from last night

And pictures you're getting!
I finally figured out the blue-tooth on my pc, so here they are.
Sorry about the quality, they're all camera-phone pics save for the last one, so the resolution is crap.

Pic 1: Driving around Milan donning Milan flags

Pic 2: Take the party right on  the street!

Pic 3: First Inter Banner, it says "L'Inter dei Record: 2 scudetti "finti" in 1 anno" (aka: Record Inter: 2 fake scudetti in 1 year!)

Pic 4: Inter Banner 2, LOVE it! It says "Noi ad Atene in aeroplano...voi in autobus in giro per Milano" (aka: We went to Atene in airplane. You went around Milan in a bus).

Pic 5: Ringhio, The Dog! (aka, dog dressed in a Gattuso jersey that said 'Ringhio on the back)

I debated... didn't want to post cause the subject ain't that good to see. But in the end here it is. Before joining the festivities outside....

EDIT: The players are turoung Milan on an open bus right now. I wanna go but I can't! T.T
I just saw it on tv, and it bothers me a little. Someone between the players made a banned with the words 'Lo scudetto mettetevelo nel CULO', aka Stick the scudetto up your ass. That's so not like Milan, at all =(
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