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Pirates of the Caribbean: My Review (kind of)

Now that I've calmed down a bit about Milan and the Champion's League (Popopopopopooo-poo!), I can go back to other things.
Wednesday I went out with Giulia, a full day of fun :D
We got a nice back shat-su massage, ate a fabulous chinese lunch and went to see the third chapter of PotC. First time I ever got to see a new movie the day it came out! (if we exclude the preview the night before).

I liked it. I needed time to gather my thoughts and digest it, but overall I liked it more than the second one. The first one will always be my favorite, but yeah this one was good.

I like that basically Elizabeth and Will story has a conclusion now. My impression is that while #2 was more focused on Jack, this one was more focused on Elizabeth and Will.
Will shocked me a bit in this one (when did he get an earring? o.O Seriously, I think he might have stolen Jack's appearance as the most gay pirate in this Didn't think he had it in him to betray...
In fact the premise of the movie? Everyone betrays everyone. Lol! Don't get me wrong, I liked the storyline, and how they tied everything together, and we get to see the woman who Davy Jones loved; the end is nice too and in character for everyone.
Another thing... quite a few deaths. One really made me sad.

The main thing I didn't like was Elizabeth. Again.
If you thought she was Mary Sue-ish in #2, you still haven't seen half of it.
Bloody hell, I think by now she can be held as the epitome of a Mary Sue.
In the first scene she comes off as this super strong pirate chick (I could have done without seeing her pulling out a gun out of her ass, literally). And it progressively gets worst. We reach the peak when Sao Feng names her captain of HIS OWN ship, and Jack votes for her in the big Pirates meeting making her Queen of the Pirates. Oh, and let's not forget the moment where Sao Feng firmly believed that she was Calipso, the Ocean's deity.
Blah. Give me a break.
I understand that this is still a Disney Movie, I understand the need for a strong female character, but she was filling that role well in #1, why go and exaggerate it like this?

I think I need to see it one more time to form a more precise opinion, but all in all good end to the trilogy ;)
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