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Back from the concert and the weekend

The update is coming late...

The concert was better than I expected, I enjoyed singing along to some of the songs... especially the ballads, he's got some great ones.
But most of I went crazy over this one *points below*
Old school Biagio, in his Sirius looking days =P
And yep, that's a video from the actual concert, I was at his right, up there *points*


This is his new single, SOGNAMI. Got a flamenco's flair to it ;)
You can see him really well, the girl who took it was really close:

One last video, promise!
This is my fav song by him. IRIS.
No one uploaded it yet, but it gave me goosebumps during the concert, hearing everyone singing it *shiver*
Here's the actual videoclip.

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