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Pictures for the Picture Meme!

They come a bit late, sorry for the delay ;)
I'm no photographer, so they're not good pics :\

So, sleepin24o7asked for:

My Obsession Corner:
(I realized basically everything on the left of the computer is an obsession! Here you get the wall upon my bed and part of what's next to it)

- My HP books, plus for rampantwhistlerwhere they live.
(First a shot of what the italian books look like, then where they usually live, next to the english ones )

- My computer area
(clugged and messy *blush* )

- The view from my bedroom window
(I'm on the third floor)

 - The floor of my closet!
(Now you can understand my perplexity Lexi =P My closet is built all around my bed, and the only part that has a 'floor' is this one... )

For rampantwhistler:

- My favorite pair of shoes!

(I feel like a!)

For  ecoutelalala:
- My journal
( I don't kind a paper one anymore, partly because of LJ and partly cause I'm always paranoid about my parents going through my stuff. So here's a pic of my oldest ones... man, this spring back memories!)

- My mug (or tea cups)
Hehe, you're getting my collection!

I'm done with the spamming =P
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