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Order of the Phoenix.... OH. MY.

I have lots to say, and a bunch of complaints to list.
But the overall feeling?
I *LOVED* this movie!!
It's probably my favorite HP flick, loved the tone, the photography was EXCELLENT.
Maybe because I went into it not expecting much, but I came out pleasantly surprised.



- First scene.
Harry and Dudley running from the Dementors.... the image, the photography. Just WOW.

- Sirius.
In his Grimmauld Place moments (wanted more!) he was as I always imagined Sirius to be, friendly, fatherly/brotherly. And not perpetually sulking and trapped in the past. And the moment in the final battle when he says 'You did so good' to Harry...Aww! If the scree writers could have stopped AT THAT. (More of this later)

- The R/S subtext. Lol.
You see Lupin for a total of 2 seconds. And what you see him doing? Sitting pressed against Sirius during the meeting, smiling like a proud mother over Sirius and Harry hugging, saving <strike>their child</strike> Sirius' godson from killing himself. <i>Come on. </i>

-The final battle.
Even tho DE appearing and disappearing like black curtains had a certain WTF element to them.
Is it me or Voldemort came off looking way superior to Dumbledore in there?

Both so spot on, Umbridge truly came off as a sugarcoated sadistic disturbed woman. And Luna.... Luna and Harry is my new OTP =P

I'm gonna stop here cause I'd probably list what everyone already said, like Fred and George's escape etc.


-'Good one JAMES'
Good one <i>James</i>?!?!? Even reading about this moment in spoiler entries couldn't prepare me for this. WTF?!? And Harry just stood there, didn't even have the time to digest this before the second monumental WTF moment arrived...

- Avada Kedavra.
EXCUSE ME?!? Have we been debating for 3 years over what, then? It wasn't AK that offed Sirius!!!!!!

- Bellatrix.
I found her to be too over the top. Yes, she's psychotic, disturbed, fanatic. But not like this. In a more subtle way. And it's gonna sound silly, I don't know how to explain it but she was... too independent from Voldemort to me. She run away as soon as he arrived, thinking about saving herself and ignoring her master. No. Not Bella. And Lucius seemed to handle her like you'd handle a child, or someone way loonier that you don't know how to manage. The Lucius-Bella dynamic was not like that at all in the book, they looked way more like equals.

- The ending.
The movie tone was perfect, dark, looming... and then we end with an unhealty dose of saccarine.
No Harry yelling at Dumbledore, and Harry fighting off Voldie with a 'I feel sorry for you' o.O
Not to mention the walk toward the Hogwart's Express and Harry philosophizing about what he has and Voldemort hasn't and how lucky he is. UH?! Eww.

- I felt the beginning was maybe too rushed, more so than in the past movies.

Anyway, I'll probably see it again on Wednesday, this time with italian dubbing. I'll probably have more to say once I have fully digested it... I spent half of this one commenting with Giulia, so =P
All in all, as I said, LOVED IT.
Now I'm gonna surf eMule for a bit *cough*
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