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Deathly Hallows: my take

I was so deadly afraid the book was gonna be bad based on the spoilers they pushed on me, but I was pleasantly surprised. I want to re-read it already, and even tho there were def. bits that made me cringe, I liked it.

As for more specifics...

- I felt Dumbledore was finally human. I loved it. He's flawed, less than perfect, he made huge mistakes and his family's history. Whoa. And wow.
I finally was able to make sense of why if 'everything is cured by love', he never tried to truly reach out to Tom Riddle. Afraid he'd fall for the lure of power again?

-Kingsley: <3
He was a character, with a personality and actions made of awesome. Love you boy, hope fandom will finally embrace you abd give you some cock love now XD

- The Deathy Hallows plot, loved it. The 3 brothers tale...
At first I went a bit 'What did you introduce Horcruxes for then?', but as the plot developed I understood and loved it.

- And yet... does anyone felt they were reading fanfictions at some point?
I swear: Snape loved Lily, Harry is an Horcrux... so much of this book was predictable.
JKR's editor should have told her 'Yo Jo, lay off the internet and esp fics til you're done with the saga'.
Sooo much sugar *bleach*

-The Epilogue.
Gimme a fucking break. ALBUS SEVERUS?!?
I could feel my teeth rotting from the sugar overload... Harry marrying Ginny and the kids...
How does Snape gets a kid named after him? For having loved Harry's mom? No words.

- Sirius... Regulus... The gang re-appearing and supporting Harry in journey toward 'death'.
If you didn't know already I love Marauders' era characters in an unhealthy way, you know now.

-How come everyone was suddenly so witty and sarcastic? Ron??? o.O
Felt like a desperate attempt to lift the mood at times, and not from the characters but from the author.

- Molly vs Bella
WTF?! Molly cursing and all of a sudden a terrific dueler? All of the characters that could have done Bella in, it had to be Molly? The woman who antagonized Sirius and probably breathed a sigh of relief at having him out of her pretty Harry-picture?

Where do I begin?
I'm loving Lily in an obsessive-stalkerish way? Being so pathetically obsessed as to have her as his Patronus? Helping Harry while despising him til the very end only cause of her.
Oh wait, I've got it.

- Consequently, the deaths.
Only adult-big characters if you take away Fred. It would have felt more realistic if one of the kids had died, Ron or Hermione or Ginny or Harry... even Neville.
Didn't mean I wanted them to die, but I expected them to.
Getting the deaths we got, felt like she tried to give and hold the image of a blood bath by taking away lots of 'minor' characters.
That said, Hedwig, Fred, Mad-Eye and Dobby broke my heart.

Lupin and Tonks pissed me off.
Bet she rushed into the battle screaming 'REMUUUUS!!' like she did everytime she appeared in the book, distracted him and got him offed. But we'll never find out since JKR had finally made it clear they're more than minor characters. No marriage on scene, No death on scene.

And now we get to the biggest sticky point for me. Remus
The only point I'm glad to have been spoiled on. Or finding him married so early in the book and knocking Tonks up so soon might have given me a heart attack.
During the first half of the book, he reminded me of Movie!DD... in desperate need to look for his mild personality and a chill pill.
I had to re-read dunno how many times the fight with Harry to make sure I wasn't seeing things. He cursed Harry. Kicking chairs and CURSING.HARRY.
He's taken insults from Snape for a lifetime and preached the peace approach and then he hit his best friend's son?
I understand the circumstances, the pressure, the breakdown DD death might have caused... but even then it was too much, too out of character for me.
(Of course re-reading this bit so much allowed me to notice the Sirius references and subtext, so it wasn't all bad *sniggers*)

Still, I'm pathetically attached to the dream of a closer Harry-Remus relationship... even ho I'll deny til the end of time ever squeeing over Harry addressing him as 'Remus', or Remus hugging him and making him Godfather, let alone Harry singling him out during the Resurrection Stone bit.

I'll probably have more to say but for now this is it.
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