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Still HP... Post DH fandom.

Still mulling over DH.
And noticing all the little things JKR said we'd find out in the last 2 books and in the end weren't there. I'm a bitchy girl, what can I say. :P

Dudley's worst fear?
More about The Prank?
Lily and James' jobs?
More on the Sirius-Snape rivalry?
A character who'd perform magic later on in life?

Those are just off the top of my head, I know there were more.

Still, I'm glad for all the little info we got, like the Potters' birth dates.

1 day after the reading and LJ is already full of post-DH fics. That was quick o.O
I only read one and it has me hooked. About Ted Lupin :P
And James Pottr Jr. With a look at Ted's relationship with his Godfather Harry.
Can't believe something this beautiful and believable could have been written to soon and fast.
It's by sam_storyteller so maybe I shouldn't be surprised by how good it is ;)
Here: The Rules Of Being A Godson

There's also some spiffy fanarts that go with it ;)
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