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YAY!...but AHI....

I solved the fare thing! *me really excited :D*
The man allowed me to participate to it for the first 3 days, and then skip the fourth to take the exam :)
I'm so glad, not that I'm a masochist who can't wait to kill herself from footache and job, lol! But I love working on that stand, I get to learn to interact with clients, there are even foreign ones :D

But this mean... Starting from today I'll have one of the worst months since I started university.
I'll have very few free moments, I'll have to study all the time in order to make it and get prepared to the exams. If I fail one this time, it'll screw me over cause mom won't let me work at the fare ever again :|
Gosh, I still haven't tell her I am this month *blush*

I hope against hope I'll make it... I will I survive with so little internet, I dunno...
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