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Fic Rec and a question

I've just finished this chaptered R/S story.
I haven't enjoyed a chaptered MWPP era fic in a while (beside the old school ones or by consolidated authors). And the shock, if we wanna call it that, is that it's on
The premise is something I've seen done before: Lily see how Remus and Sirius seem to share a different kind of bond and asks if they're shagging. They aren't. But eventually this is the light that puts in motion the events that will get them together.
Despite the overuse of the plot, the author did a marvelous job IMO. She made the whole 'getting together' truly believable while managing to make it somehow unthinkable for more than half of the fic.
Loved it.
If you wanna read it, it's here:

All kidding aside:

And this tie to my question.
I've been pondering... It took me a while to finish the fic and it's 10 chapters plus a prologue and epilogue. Not a monstrously long one.

My question is: how long does it usually takes you to read a whole chaptered fic? (10-20 chapters).
The quickest I've ever been I think it was 3 days... which is a LOT, IMO :\
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