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Avant Browser, where have you been all my life?

Since I switched to a laptop I've been suing Internet Explorer 7.0.
I was addicted to Firefox and the switch was hard. But I couldn't get to install Firefox properly, I even brought the notebook in to look at and in order to install it I'd have to reset the whole hard disk. Big nono.
So I got used to IE 7 eventually.
And Sat came the revelation: through a CNET newsletter I followed a debate on which browser is better, and among other I saw Avant Browser mentioned.
I liked the characteristic listen and downloaded it out of curiosity.
Boy, the surprise...

It's basically an hybrid between IE 7 and Firefox. You've got your browsing with tabs but also different themes (still scarce, but I trust more will come eventually) and most of all I can close the browser with any number of tabs open and at the next opening it gives me the chance to reopen them all or even pick what to open and what not...
I won't have to go crazy browsing the History from the day before anymore!
Let me hear for Avant Browser!! YEAH!!!
Tags: avant, browser, firefox, ie
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