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Some real life?

I haven't updated with RL happenings in a while...
Mainly cause I'm savoring the quietness, it won't last long -_-
I'm gonna work at the usual Moschino fair next week from Thursday to Sunday, and the surprise this year is that Friday we work from 9AM to 10:30PM. Straight.
'Experiment to see if more people will stop by after 7PM'.
I have no idea I will manage to get through that day...

Fair on the horizon means need to shop for new clothes to wear.
Mmmh... I don't enjoy it in this contest, I have to look for fancy-but-not-too-fancy clothes and it drives me insane. I can NEVER find what I'm looking for, so I always end up rushing around the last 2 days buying whatever I see might work, spending way too much for clothes I won't be able to wear at the next fair anyway cause they'll remember them.
And don't get me started on the shoes... They prefer for us to wear heels but hell if I will. Last time I tried on Thursday, result?
I still have my left middle finger's nail blackened by it. Was it a weal? Blood? I don't know, all I know is that it hasn't grown away yet.

All of this to say I'm knackered by a day of attempted shopping.
I got black shoes which speak 'Surety of galls' out loud.
And one of my parents misplaced and lost my white sparkly hair clips and I'm annoyed.

Yes, I sound like a 13 years old brat.
No, at the moment I can't help it.

I forgot what the point of this post was...
Tags: fair, moschino, rl, shoes, shopping
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