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I'm nervous

I have to meet the company's boss for lunch.
The whole drama last night was about this.
The company is outside Milan, metro doesn't get there. I always went with the metro as far as I could and then someone would come pick me up there by car.
During the phone call yesterday he asked if we could meet for lunch, I said yes and then he asked if I'd go there. I said I was traveling by public transportation so I could go only so far and he rescheduled for today when he had to drop in Milan for business.
All fine and well.
Until he and dad talked and he dropped in the 'Your daughter failed the marketing test' comment in.
Because apparently I showed I like to sit on my ass and have to make the boss come to me.

Dunno if this came from the boss or dad, all I know is that dad and I aren't speaking and he's giving me hell for this.
I spent last night looking for possible ways of getting to the company and the quickest involves metro and 2 buses for a jolly 1 hour travel.
In the end the boss told me he'd be somewhere in Milan around noon and we could meet there for lunch and a 20 minutes talk.
I'm dreading it like whoa.
Because I'm now convinced he's hiring me because dad brought my name up.

He offered to give me the stage after I graduated.
Now they lost employees and need new ones.
Dad brought up my name.
How would it look if boss had said no to that? He couldn't.
Hence the jolly situation I find myself in.
Tags: dad, fair, job offer, lunch with boss, rl
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