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I keep postponing

I have to call the boss and say no to his offer.
It's too much for me right now... He wants full time 5 days a week because there's already an employee that's causing him trouble by doing part-time 3 days a week. Add to that the journey to get there... I'd be out of the house before 8AM and go back after 8PM.
It would be a 3 years contract, at the end of it I should be his vice or something similar.
It's appealing but I simply don't have the time to dedicate to it.
When I do take a job like this one, I want to be able to focus solely on this, heart and soul, and I can't do that now.

I started hinting to my answer to dad and he was pissed... I can only imagine the kind of evening we'll have.
Mom was starting to be swayed toward letting me go...
I feel like I'm letting everybody down, it's horrible.

Talking to my parents was bad enough, I'm afraid to call the boss now.
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