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I did it

I did the call.
It went better than I thought but still left me feeling dreadful in some respects.
I told him I wasn't in the conditions, mind-set and time-like, to work full time, I could do 4 days out of 5 or similar.
He told me at the moment he needs someone to work hours that go closer to 6 days than 5 so nope...
He made an extra offer, saying I should concentrate on finishing my studies and start the thesis. At that point he could give me a stage and I could try for an experimental thesis, he could give me contacts with people inside Moschino, Calvin Klein or even the top guys in the Milan Fair to interview them. I would be forming the thesis and help them by working for them during the stage.

It seems like a great idea to me, I was hoping my parents would too.
My father doesn't seem to think so, he's still hung up on me not taking this opportunity to have a steady job.
There'll be hell in this house tonight... I'm kinda scared.
Tags: dad, fair, job offer, rl, thesis offer
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