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Of old friends and plays

Last night we had dinner with some old friends. They used to live in my building.
I was friends mostly with the first daughter, Valeria. She's 4 years younger than me and studying medicine now.
Boy, is it weird...

I was dreading it, cause it's been so long, but it was actually nice. We talked, we laughed and had a good time. Even with her bro, which I never really clicked with... He started Uni this year, so I guess growing up made him nicer too :P

Today instead I went to see a play called 'The Life of Galileo' by Bertold Brecht.
It was 3 hours long but surprisingly good. I truly enjoyed it.
My 'escort' was my father and he practically slept through it though, lol.
I need to get nerdier friends, they would come to the theater with me! =P

And now I'm off attempting to produce an icon for my first LIMS challenge... wish me luck cause the pic ain't an easy one!
Tags: galileo, lims, rl, theater, valeria
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