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I have the habit of going to bed with the iPod in my ears.
Music usually soothes me and helps me get sleepy.

Not last night.
I went to bed around midnight and put my earphones on as usual.
Not getting sleepy at all.
I got so lost in the music that I didn't realize just how many songs I listened to...
All I know is that I realized it must be time to go to sleep, already!

I look at the clock and it read 4 AM. O_O

So basically I'm functioning on less than 4 hours of sleep right now.
And I'm feeling very awake too. Not sleepy at all!
Quite active and giddy, actually. O.o

Oh well... we'll see how I'll be in the evening.
Def. not giddy since I'll be alone with my mother and we've been fighting since Sunday...

Happy Thanksgiving to you American people! ;)
Tags: 4am, mom, wired
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