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I just got home from an insane afternoon.

I had to pick up dad's exams from the night he spent in the ER.
To do so, I basically had to travel all across Milan on public transportation, only to get and there and find out that:
1. They don't give you the X-Rays or actual exams, but only a medical statement with the exams they did on him.
2. They didn't even have that scrap of paper ready. The dude had to print a copy at the moment, so obviously it isn't even signed by the doctor.
And if our family doctor asks for the X-Rays, I'll have to go back there and pay for them. UGH.

On much happier news, my D-STAGE DVD is finally here! :D)
*pets it*
I can't wait to watch that infamous backstage. XDD
But darned CDJapan... I had to pay an extra fee when the package came >__<

Speaking of ordering on japanese websites, does anyone know how to order the D-BOYS calendar from Yahoo Japan? Is it possible? Would they send to Italy?

The entry is getting long...
Just one last note for all the new friends: should I make an introduction post?
I saw a lot of you did it... The idea terrifies me a little cause I've never done one and I can be quite boring, but I'm thinking it's due this time, so many new people!
Let me know if you want one ;)
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