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Introduction Post for the new friends

I've been asked to do it... so I'm doing it.
Just so you know, this is making me extremely nervous. :P
I'm not the most interesting person around, especially compared to some of the cool people I have on my friends list ^^

Personal Life:
- My name is Stefania, but no one really calls me that. I'm Stefy for almost everyone ^^
Pharre for the lovely kaorismash and a plethora of weird nicknames that go from 'The Italian' to 'Cannoli' for so_wicked.
Pick whatever you like or give me a new name, it's up to you XD

-As you might have guessed, I'm from Italy. I was born and live in Milan.
And I'm way too old to be interested in most of the fandoms I'm into XD
I'm in my 20s, you can play 'Guess the exact age' if you want :P

-I'm an only child, which is hard in my situation: a situation where my parents don't get along and act more often than not like psychotics.
As absurd as it sounds, I have to be the adult one pretty often, they behave like petty babies quite regularly.
Most of my 'real life' posts are rants about them, feel free to ignore them if you want to avoid the drama.

-I'm currently an university student. I'm majoring in 'Mass Media Languages'.
Weird named degree that basically stands for lots of theorical knowledge about cinema, theater, organization of cultural events and fairs, mass media communication and the likes.
I also work in March and September in fair for the umbrellas division of Moschino.
It sounds really weird but it's actually quite an interesting job, the boss is a lovely man that offered me more than once to work for him in the company (I had a minor breakdown this past Sept. related to this ^^) and beside him we're all girls. I learned a lot there, from dealing with clients to mass-marketing strategies... every year I look forward to it, no matter how exhausting the job actually is.

LJ & Fandom
I originally got this LJ to keep in touch with friends from an online community called ISJAB. That's where Kristina (so_wicked) and Lexi (sleepin24o7) come from ;)

I had been into japanese anime for a while, but I never truly entered their fandoms. I read fics on cause that's all I knew it existed ^^;
(I even wrote fics and posted it there, but you'll know where these are over my dead body!)

My first real 'fandom' on lj was probably a football one, the one for my hometown team, AC Milan.
That's what me and Lexi talked about, and now I also have the lovely Ruby (calzamante) that can obsess with me over these hot boys =P

After that, I fell for the big bad fandom that's the Harry Potter one.
I tried to resist reading the books for the longest time so I joined pretty late, post-OotP. And I'm one of those gals that focus more on the old generation, mainly Remus/Sirius but not limited to that.
I've been focused only on this fandom for a long time, and even when I would get interested in another one, I'd always go back to HP sooner or later.
Right now I've abandoned it a little though.
The good thing that this fandom brought me was a group of amazing friends, some from the CoS forums and some brand new from LJ. ;)

During the big wave of my HP phase I dabbed into different anime fandoms, mostly Wolf's Rain (still love it so much) and various CLAMP series.

But the big anime fandom that I fell for is Prince of Tennis.
I think I might have broken reddwarfer's heart a little bit, cause I got into it interested by her posts about Tezuka/Fuji, but once I started to watch the anime I became... basically a Tezuka/Ryoma fangirl ^^;
I like and read a lot of pairings, but TezuRyo is my main one.
But I'm def. not adverse to other Tezuka or Ryoma pairings, as long as the fans respect others' opinion and don't use the approach 'It's my way or the high way' (this goes for every fandom, really).
I love the variety the PoT fandom offers and how basically every pairing can claim some form of canon evidence :P

About 2 months ago, bored and suffering from lack of new TezuRyo fics, I got talked into checking out Tenimyu (the live version of Prince of Tennis) by kaorismash and umarekawareru. I think they might have regretted it since then.
Cause it caused me to turn into the rabid D-BOYS fan I am right now =P
As some of you that friended me through the D-BOYS friending meme, I tend to favor Yanagi :P
He was the first boy I was introduced to, and the love is still strong XD
But I like them all, some more, some less, but the love is there.

And I realize now that more than an introduction post for the new friends, what might be needed is an explanation about D-BOYS for my old friends! ^^;
I'll probably do a separate post for that, cause this one has reached epic proportions.

Have you managed to read till here?
If you're still here after this humongous introduction, sincere congratulations! You are tough! XD
If there's anything else you want to know, ask away ^^
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