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Boring rl stuff

* I finally turned in the script I was supposed to write for my uncle.
That took almost a month of work.
What I had to do was basically listen and transcript 2 CDs in which my uncle's father interviewed a man called Arnaldo Terzi. He's dead now, but he basically told a true story that took place between 1908 and 1909 in Rome and Emilia and among the characters was an uncle of a certain Zavattini, man currently in charge of the fictional department on our national tv.

Complicated? Very XD
It's a really beautiful story, kinda adventurous and there are a lot of historical references which makes it valuable.
He wanted to jot down a first draft of a possible script from the transcriptions, and propose it to Zavattini for a possible tv movie.
Fingers crossed now!

* Dad went to do an abdomen ultrasound this morning, and they told him the problem is indeed a small stone in his kidney. He has to go back in 15 days to see if anything has changed... Thing is that he keeps having small colics :\

* Time to get back on the books! My university still hasn't put out the dates for the next exams (January-February), but I'm preparing already. It's the last exam, I got to pass it this time!!! And I'll finally be able to ask for thesis.
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