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Am back at full force!....ALMOST

I got back from my work at the fair, those were 4 VERY ectic and tiring days, but boys do I love going there!
I love interacting with the clients, and coming from someone as shy as me!

I felt useful, and I know I did a good job, better thna last time so I'm happy.
My pay check was lower so the dude is asking for it...LOL!
There was a new girl and she's like his niece so of course he was all over her holding her up like she was the best thing next to Donatella Versace's as a fashion worker :rolleyes
Oh well, he wo't spoil my fun, I luaged and enjoyed chatting with the girls.

And the best news?
The horrible dreadful spanish exam is OVER!
I passed it and I burn those damned books now! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
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