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Since I promised...

I should have done this earlier since new friends joined the ranks :D

As introduction and as promised to the lovely faire_estela (BTW, can I call you Ria? While waiting to figure out a nickname for you?) here's the infamous 40.5 meme.
Yes, I know you must have seen hundreds of these in the past few days... I apologize ^^;

Stefania (Stefy)
'DJ, play that music louder... onegai!'

Catholic University of Milan: Year 5, Specialty Mass Media Languages
Birthday (sign): November 2 (Scorpio)
Blood type: A
Dominant hand: Right
Techniques: The Pout of Doom , Hatta Procrastinating.
Favorite food: Tiramisu , pasta with cream sauce, cannoli :P
Hobbies: Music, reading (books and fanficiton), blogging, crafts attempts
Family: Mother, father

Committee: Official Spamming Commitee
Best subject: Italian Literature
Worst subject: Business Organization
Often visited place in school: Courtyard outside my faculty's secretariat
Elementary school: Scuola elementare Felice Casati
Uses allowance on: Too many fandom things, music, jewelry, clothes
Favorite motto: "Tomorrow is another day."
Favorite types of movies: Musicals
Favorite type of books: Fantasy and narrative
Favorite type of music: 80s music, OSTs
Favorite colours: Turquoise, navy blue, mint green
Favorite (type of) person: Opinionated
Favorite date spot: Seashore
Most wanted thing right now: A new external hard drive (and every D-Boys under my Christmas tree dressed in nothing but a neck-ribbon)
Daily routine: Check out things to do for the day, organize them, do them, study while browsing on laptop
Doesn't like: Dishonest people, bugs
Special skills (aside from tennis): Spamming, propcrastinating, fangirling

If the exceedingly boring profile didn't manage to break you, I've got a more lenghty introduction post that will do the job, here.

*angelic girn* Welcome abroad indeed! :P
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