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Happy birthday Venilia!

I know I'm one day early, but since I promised you a little gift for 'Christmas' I'm posting it now hoping you'll get to see it in time ^^

They could have turned out better... I promised you one but since I was never fully happy I ended up making 4.
I stayed on blue-ish tones to match your layout.
One I tried to make similar to the one you said you liked ;)

May you have a wonderful day :D

For venilia 4

For venilia 3

For venilia 2

For venilia 1

I don't like the last one at all, but I posted it anyway...Sorry, I wish I could have done those better.
If there's something you want me to change or you have specific ideas for another one that you want, let me know :)


Tags: bday venilia, icons
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