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When it's enough, IT'S ENOUGH!

Bitchy entry ahead of you, apologizes.

I can be very patient, some people say too much actually.
But even I have a limit.
Bloody HELL.
Dad and his fucking 80GB iPod.
Everytime he's at home from work he's here, ON MY LAPTOP, downloading music he'll never listen to just because he has a 80GB iPod to fill.
I've told him time and time before to stop with this shit, to give me a list of songs and I'd get them for you but he doesn't get it. 'Let me have my fun'.
Oh yeah, there's nothing in this world more fun than sitting for hours on here renaming songs in iTunes. Don't you laugh all the time when you do that?

He's doesn't know how to use stuff on here, he keeps saying 'Teach me how to download and open .RAR archives' and I'm like 'Fuck NO!'.
This laptop is just 1 year older and already on the verge of dying thanks to his stupid careless downloads.
He can't even remember to do the disconnecting procedure for the iPod, hence why he deleted all his files and films once and blamed ME for it.

Today was the last straw.
He waited for me to go out for the afternoon, and I come back to 3 FUCKING GB OF MUSIC DOWNLOADED!!!
In .rar format, so who know what kind of shit he made enter in the system!

I'm so fucking enraged, you wouldn't believe it.
Fucking HELL, I need this laptop for uni too, I don't use it just to fuck around on iTunes and eMule like he does. But God Forbid I mention getting a password to keep him out, I have to hear him rant on how he'd throw the thing out the window cause I'm being an unreasonable bitch.

Hell yes, I'm being a bitch.
But I have a reason for it, damn it. I used my own money to buy this thing, and I can't even call it mine and have it taken care of as it should because of him.


Sorry, I needed to get it out.
Back to my normal 'nice' self.
Tags: dad, rl, stop fucking with my laptop
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