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Someone up there is listening to me...

I was thinking to myself a while ago... 'Funny how Yanagi seems to be working with a lot of PUREboys lately. First Yagami Renn in October, then Takki and Takeda Kouhei
in Tadashi Ouji... Who'll be next? And how fun would it be if he worked with Minami-buchou or even better, Baba-Yagyuu?




He's working with Baba. BABA!!!
I'm trying hard to contain my excitement, but at this moment I just want to jump around in glee XD
And he's the main character AGAIN, HA!
I still have no idea what this thing actually is, I'm guessing a stage play?
End of March til first week of April, called 「メモリーズ3」.
More info here:

It looks like a fun production... I cannot wait! Forget Taikan Kisetsu and Sohji, I want THIS in DVD!!!
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