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'Pick-me-up' plan/post/whatever

And what could it be about if not fangirling?

Lately the boys aren't delivering the fanservice I crave :P
Yes, I'm turning into one of those demanding fan 0=p
But one good thing arrived last week...

Please ignore the junk surrounding it... but yes, calendar arrived!
A little beat up at the bottom but the pictures are perfect and in tact, so it's all good *.*
Just one small note: for those of you who saw the scans... who the hell thought August was a good idea?
Why did they let Endo walk out in the open dressed like that?!

Speaking of D-Boys... can I admit to how freaking jealous I am of japanese fangirls?
I want to know what's going on the Mobile Site so badly ;____;
And Yuichi and Mikami just have to rub it in and keep talking about interacting with fans on there, uh?

I finally managed to rip 'Corflakes ~ Taikan Kisetsu', the stage play Yanagi did in November with Kawaii and Yagami Renn.
I was surprised by it, I thought it would be a light-dorky play but it was actually a drama.
I still have to finish watching it, but so far I'm liking it.
I'll try to upload it and share it later... Take a look at it, if not for the play itself for the bit where Yanagi tries to kill Kawaii by strangling him (no kidding) O.O

What else...
I have 3 things that I still have to finish watching: HanaKimi, Ganbatte Ikkimashoi and Full Metal Alchemist.
If things manage to stay quiet I might try to finish Ganbatte Ikkimasshoi tonight, happy Chriss? =P
Tags: corflakes, damned mobile site, dboys, dboys calendar, fangirling
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