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Busy weekend (with pictures for once :P)

Finally this weekend is over!
Not that I'm looking forward to the week to come, but that's a story for another time.

Yesterday I visited my grandparents on dad's side. Usually we stay there for around 2 hours and get home by 5-6PM.
Yesterday I came home at 8:30PM.
Long story.
When I got this laptop I gave grandpa my old pc. That thing finally broke down for good yesterday.
And I had to go with dad to buy him anew one RIGHT AWAY O__O
I've never had a new computer right away, not even when it broke down in the middle of my preparations for the exam in Informatics! But I had to go buy a new one immediately for the man who uses it only to log onto YouTube and watch music videos =_=
And of course I had to stay there and install the full thing, internet and various softwares included. A day I really want to forget. Lol!

Today was good though :D
I don't know how many of you know, but Milan is going to host the Expo in 2015 (and I hope lots of you will choose to visit by then :P ).
Today the city celebrated big time :D
There were various shops open, stands of sellers from all over Italy, and among other things various ethnic groups living in Milan showed up in their typical costumes.

After that, we went to visit my cousins and celebrated the youngest' birthday.
He's turning 8 this Tuesday. Time flies ;___;

Meet Paolo.
He got the Ratatouille DVD from us, among other things and he seemed to like it ^^;

Some more of the family.
From left to right:
Gaia (the infamous cousin responsible for my Harry Potter christening), my uncle, my dad, Beatrice (the second cousin) and Paolo again ^^

Gaia being her usual dork:

All in all it was a good weekend, but I'm glad to finally have some time for myself again ^^
Hope you all had a nice one too!
Now keep your fingers crossed for me this week, please? Can't elaborate now...
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