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Back from Rome!

Hiya! XD
I'm back safely from Rome... and from the meeting with Sonia! XD
I'm so glad I went, she's so much fun!
I'm just bummed we had so little time to chat, but she's utterly adorable... and energetic XD
I took a video of her speaking italian and I have to say it was a hit with the people I showed it to... nice blackmail material for future use >D
Lol, J/K!
I hope I managed to come off as moderately sane and not too lame, instead of scaring her off... only time will tell, I guess |D

Anyway, what's up with you beautiful people?
What have you been up to?
Any news I should be aware of?
And WHERE THE HELL IS YANAGI?!? Can anybody tell me?
Tags: rl, rome, sonia
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