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#325372 installment of: My Cat is a Weirdo

I was happily browsing my f list after an afternoon of HELL (suffice to say that it involved grandparents and fixing a pc they screwed up), when I hear my father yelling 'ROCKY! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, YOU RETARD!!'.

Now this is nothing unusual, my cat has done one too many insane things for me to be surprised (my favorite was being on the phone with a friend and not paying any attention to her, too busy freaking out over my cat walking on the drying racks on the balcony facing the street... =_=).

I decided to check out the situation anyway, and what did I find?

Rocky, drinking out of the sink water with washing powder =_=
(and you get a gratuitous shot of my mother's ass and one of her weird skirts.... sorry about that ^^;)
Tags: rocky makes family life entertaining
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