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KORE! (aka: pictures can say more than words ever could)

Picture Post...
Manly cause I'm still trying to cope with what I saw, it's hard to make an articulate post about it XD

So, without further ado...

A bit of 'setting-explanation'.
I was watching the backstage clip featured on the 2th 'Tadashi Ouji...' DVD, giggling at how funny Trystan was being... and then out of the blue THIS HAPPENED.

The camera closes on Yanagi showing him leaning against a tree.
First thought: 'Shit! Is he gonna be sick?!'
But then he sees the camera and...

He actually hurt himself trying to open his belt...

So he settled for pointing at IT and saying 'KORE!'...




I want some of the meds this boy is on, they must be freaking awesome! XDDD
Tags: kore!, yanagi, yanagi: the perv
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