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Finally a good excuse to use this icon

I was rambling to Chris yesterday about how D-STAGE rehearsal still hadn't started and guess what happened today? XD
Yep, that's right.
Well, most of you already know anyway :P

And while everyone is squeeing over Kaji and Zukki finally together again (♥) I find myself alone squeeing over Yanagi being back in Yuichi's blog ♥

A little closer, Yuichi! XD

Apparently Kaji will have a big role in the play again and that's great. With Yuyan gone, he's probably the best actor in the regular cast. Shirota is a regular but I doubt he'll have time to rehearse for a big part with all the extra stuff he's doing (plus as far as acting skills go, I still think Kaji is better).

I like the idea of rival school-teams. I wonder who will be in the 'antagonist' team >D
I'm getting excited for it! ^o^
Tags: channaka, d-stage2, dboys, kaji, yanagi
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