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Haven't posted a meme in a while...

So here's the 7 interests meme, tagged by lady_hiwatari

Comment and I'll list 7 interests from your profile in a reply. Then you do an entry about what they mean and why you are interested in them.

1. Psychology
I even forgot some of the interests I picked when I created this journal xD
I picked this one cause I've always been fascinated by psychology and the way the human mind works. And I've been told I seem to have a knack for picking up what the people around me are feeling or thinking, dunno how true that is though ^^;
My aunt used to tell me I should have gone for a psychology degree after I was the only one in the family that realized something was bothering her (turn out she was expecting my third cousin ^^;).

2. Echizen Eyoma
It's pretty unpopular to like this guy in the PoT fandom, uh?
And it's kind of weird for me, cause usually I always end up being annoyed by the main character , yet I like Ryoma XD
He's an unapologetic brat, yet he really grows through the serie. You can see him slowly learning to care and he's a pretty original main character. Still I have to admit I was hoping he'd lose at least one official game... no bigger learning experience than facing loss and humiliation for someone like him.

3. Queen
The UK band, do you know it?
I have to admit I loved them, I still do. They're probably my all time favorite band. So many great song, and Freddy Mercury was... outside of this world. That voice! *_*

4. Monet
My favorite painter. My favorite art movement is Impressionism. I just love his style... maybe it's yet another testament to my weird tastes cause my favorite painting of his in not even that famous ans it's pretty anonimous. But I LOVE it *blush*
This one:
I saw it 'live' in an exhibition and the colors were breathe-taking, all the shades of blue... you can't see them in photographs.

5. Toboe
Aww, Toboe! <3
He's a character from Wolf's Rain, anyone knows the anime (the manga was rather crappy in comparison)?
Poor puppy was adorable... and the first to die ;__;
But I loved how he was able to make Tsume open up and trust again... Gah! I miss them! Shame the fandom was always so small.

6. Yanagi Yotaroh
Oh, you shouldn't have asked this. Do you know how dangerous it is? XD
I'll try to control myself... :P
I think everyone who reads this blog knows by now how much I love this boy, even those who don't even know WHO he is.
I could tell you I love him cause I admire his will and strength and a bunch of other nice sounding things... but when it really boil down to it, I just adore his randomness. He's an unapologetic WEIRDO and he's not ashamed of it XD
Now all I need to be less obsessive is to stop fearing he'll stop working next year. Why do I keep feeling this way? X|

7. Tea
I'm seriously addicted to tea. I don't know even know when or how it started. My parents hate it.
All I know is I started trying and collecting more and more types of tea and now it's part of me, really XD
Actually, I'm having Jasmine tea at the moment :P

I think I just proved myself as the boring weirdo that I am. Cheers! XD
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