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Meme and useless stuff

I felt like posting something, since I've been more boring than usual lately XD

So first you get a meme, snagged from the lovely lady_hiwatari:
How this works: you comment, I give you a letter, you go and post five songs beginning with that letter, with uploads if you're in the mood.

My letter was M.

1. Miss you - M-flo loves Melody and Ryohei
And you also get THIS REMIX cause I love it almost more than the original.

2. Mille giorni di te e di me - Claudio Baglioni
(translated: A thousand days of you and me. Italian song, just about the only one I like by this artist. But try as I might I can't stop to love it)

3. Makes me wonder - Maroon 5
(I actually like this band. I liked the first album more, this was probably the best song on the second one)

4. Maniac - Falshdance OST
(Boy, do I love this song... I can never keep still when I hear it)

5. Memorial address - Ayumi Hamasaki
(The song that turned me into an Ayumi fan. I didn't listen to japanese music before)

Let me know if you like the songs!

I wanted to make a silly fandom post, but I guess I'll do it later... :P
Tags: 5 songs, meme
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