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Childhood memories (Part 1: Girls Anime)

I was talking with angelalia and somehow I ended up looking for an old anime opening to show her...
And now I've been transported down memory-lane, remembering all the silly anime I used to watch as a kid and the retarded italian openings we had.

I've got to share some of these gems with you, so not only you'll see what kind of child I was, but also so you can behold the italian power to totally butcher anime names and theme songs. XD

It was hard to pick just a few... so I have to cut it into different posts.
Tonight you get the first part.
Following should be Sport Anime and Magic Anime :P

This was one of my favorite anime. It was hilarious!
Italian title was 'C'era una volta Pollon' which translates to 'Once upon a time there was Pollon..'(better knows as Pollon combinaguai= Pollon the troublemaker).
It was the story of Pollon, daughter of the roman god Apollo and granddaughter of Zeus (yeah, they mixed greek and roman names), who spent her days in the Olympe making trouble for all the other gods with her best friend, Eros (who was an absolute retard). This girl was my hero XD

This was the coolest opening we had in italian. The story followed Jem, the lead-singer of a female rock-band.
It was badass for us kids, yo! XD

Lady Oscar
Oh, Lady Oscar. Italian translation of 'Versailles no bara', which was the story of this girl, living in France during the reign of Louis XVIII and Marie Antoinette, who was raised as a boy by her father and became the chief of the Queen's guards.
Sad ending, she dies during the Storming of the Bastille fighting on the side of the low class.

Listening to the italian opening is worthy it just to hear the singer near-orgasm eveytime she pronounces Oscar's name in the chorus XD

Occhi di gatto (Cat's Eyes)
Anime by Tsukasa Hojo, better known maybe for City Hunter.
It's the story of 3 sisters who run a bar by day and work as antics' thieves by night. Typically, the detective pursuing them is one of the sisters' boyfriend.
These 3 girls shaped my childhood... I played impersonating them with my friends countless times, fighting everytime over which sister we'd get to be XD

Kiss me Licia (Ai Shite Knight)
The story of a girl and her troubled romance with 'Mirko', lead-singer of a rock-band.
Important anime here in Italy, it was the only one from which an italian drama was produced.
The band's songs became really popular and the actors used for the band in the drama actually went on working as the 'Bee-Hive', holding concerts to this day XD
To this day, I have no idea why Licia is blonde in the opening... Licia is actually the brunette you see in some of the scene...


Drama (XD):

(And you also get my favorite Bee-Hive song... I LOVE IT!) XD
Baby I love You:

Candy Candy
My grandmother was big on this anime, but it was too much for me...
Candy was the classical Mary Sue, orphan kid who warmed everyone's heart. *rolleyes*
It got more and more ridiculous as you went on with it. Her first love was a blonde prince who dies after falling from a horse.
She gives up on her other love (the classical bad boy) after another girl fell in love with him... and get this: the other girl was an actress who got in an accident on stage. A light fell down on her leg and she had to have it amputated, so Candy from the oh so kind heart gave up her love for her... XDD
Nonetheless I watched this quite a lot thanks to grandma so here it is!

The other manga/anime by Yumiko Igarashi that made it big here.
Not all anime big in Italy featured goody-two-shoes girls. Or better, not all 80s japanese anime did... there was Georgie :P
I found out the truth about this anime only in my high-school years, but this anime was HEAVILY CENSORED here. There were some tangled romantic webs.
Georgie was adopted by a woman with 3 sons. And all 3 sons fall for her. Suffice to know that she had a relationship with one of the brothers, and then toward the end she has a son by another one XD
So here's the 'kinky' Georgie! XD

And if you want to know why this anime was censored... have one of the 'steamy scenes' :P
(nudity involved)

And I'll end it here for tonight... this took a long-ass time! And it's LONG! XD
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