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Childhood memories (Part 2: Sports Anime)

I'm having way too much fun with this... so tonight you get part 2 of the anime that accompanied my childhood and their crazy openings.
Speaking of crazy, tonight you get the sports anime, with their defiance of every physics laws! >D

Let's start slow and mellow, with:

Hilary (Hikari no Densetsu)

The perfect sport anime for us girls... about a gymnastic. It was pretty short, just 19 episodes, but it got shown over and over again for years.
I even managed to get royally pissed off at the stupidity of this girl for picking the blue-eyed athletic guy over her rock-ish childhood friend. He loved you all along! And you picked the guy who has feeling for both you and your rival!!
*cough* Err... here! Hilary! :D

But now... for those of you not really familiar with the absurdity of this kind of anime, let me introduce you to 2 volleyball anime.

Mimì e la nazionale della pallavolo (translated: Mimì and the volleyball national team, original title Attack n°1)

Mimì... the girl who showed us all what a tragedy it is to be a volleyball player.
Cause inevitably, your boyfriend will die in a car accident during one of your finals. And to become stronger, the only way would be to train yourself by hitting the ball with chains on your wrists.
And you gotta be careful, cause if you train in the mountains you might slip, cut yourself on a metal surface and get TETANUS from it!
(I KID YOU NOT. She got tetanus in the anime!) XD

Here's Mimi, with her 'drop of cyclone smash', her chains and her twists in the air to get the ball.

Mila e Shiro, due cuori nella pallavolo (Milan and Shiro, 2 hearts in volleyball aka 'Attacker you')

Now this anime was better. Mila was a tomboy red-head with a cheeky side, much more reliable than Mimì. Magic of the italian adaptation, even though they were two totally separated anime by separate authors, Mila is introduced as Mimi's cousin in our version XD
We have the usual breaking of physics laws thanks to Mila and her ability to jump exactly 1.75 meter in the air (no joke) and her ultra-super-mega-fabulous smashes.
Shiro, the boy she's obsessed with, appears very little in the anime but somehow he ended up in the title... something that will happen again in another sport anime... but for now, here's Mila!

And now the most famous (infamous?) one.

Holly & Benji (Captian Tsubasa)
Some of you know this anime as well... football anime with really amazing games between elementary kids, that can play with broken legs and shoulders, jumps in the air, score from one side of the field to the other with one kick, even though it can sometime takes a full episode to reach the other side of the field at a run...

Also, for some inexplicable reason, the italian version put Genzo in the title (the goalie) even though he appears for half od the first season and then move to Germany... he'll come back for the national games and all, but seriously, why Genzo? Why not Taro or even Hyuga?
We had more than one opening to this anime cause it kept getting refined and remastered in Japan too... blame angelalia if you get all 3 versions :P

80s opening:

90s opening:

Techno 2000 opening (bop ya head to it, yo! XD):

That's it for today folks XD
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