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Doctor Who

I've fallen for it too.
I kept telling myself I'd check it out eventually, since so many of you seems to love it, but I post-poned it time and time again, guess it wasn't alluring enough :P
Then I read a couple of posts by aeka  about it, especially the season finale, and I finally sat down and started watching it.

And I *love* it! *__*
Now I'm half-way through season 2 (10th Doctor), and I still have a hard time deciding which doctor I liked best between the 2 I saw :P
Who's your favorite, my dear Dr. Who gals? :P
Which serie is your favorite so far?
And who's your favorite companion?
Granted I only saw Rose so far, but it'd still be interesting to know your opinions.
Pretty please? *_*

Now I'm off to watch The Idiot's Lantern! >D
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