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Childhood Memories #4 (Anime inspired by books/movies)

I finally got around to doing this post.
I promised it months ago ^^;
It's the last batch of a serie of posts about anime that were popular in Italy during my childhood and their 'interesting' italian opening ^^;
As I started the 'project', I realised that the amount of anime that got imported in Italy in the 80s-90s was nothing short of MASSIVE.
I ended up sticking to just some of the popular ones, but really my generation was lucky. Today's generation less so, since they only get the very popular series and rather late compared to the rest (Naruto, Yu-gi-oh but no Prince of Tennis or Tsubasa Chronicles, for example).

Past posts can be found here:
Girls Anime
Magical Anime
Sports Anime

And now I present you a selection of:

Una per tutte, tutte per una
('One for all, all for one', aka Little Women by Louisa May Alcott )

I lost count of how many times I've watched this anime but I could never finish the book, no matter how many times I started it. It's the story of 4 sisters, Meg (the oldest), Jo (the rebel), Beth (the really kind one) and Amy (the youngest, spoiled one).
I guess it's a kind of novel that could fit in the Pride and Prejudice genre.
I think the reason why I never finished it was cause in the book Beth dies, and she was my favorite :(

Peter Pan

Boy, I loved this one. More than the Disney version ::blush::
Maybe because the character design was so different from what I pictured the characters to be, save for Wendy.

Robin Hood

Gay-looking Robin Hood with the manliest dubbed voice you ever heard o_O
Once I got past the freaky combo look-voice, this became another one of my favorite anime. Oh boy, what a loser I was XD
And of course, being Japan, we got a love triangle involving a knight in love with Marian and out for Robin's blood. Plus, halfway through it became magical anime with an evil force in the forest XDDD

D'Artagnan e i moschettieri del re
('D'Artagnan and the King's musketeers aka The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas )

Oh boy, the CRACK that this version brought to the original story. The best bit was def. Aramis being a woman (discovered by D'Artagnan while she was bathing, ROTFL!)


Zorro with blonde hair and blue eyes, in love with an equally blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl. Oh Japan XD

Papà Gambalunga
( Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster )

I loved the song for this one XD
I liked Judy, she was one of the first female anime protagonists I watched that was not a Mary Sue :P

Lovely Sara
(A Little Princess by Francis Hodgson Burnett )

Nothing could bring the angst better that this anime. It's a battle between this and Candy Candy (Girls Anime batch) XD

Conte Dacula
(it's not a typo :P)

An anime that actually turned a famous gothic novel into pure unadulterated crack XD
A duck!Dracula called DAcula and that eats only vegetables XDDD

( Heidi )

And to mix it up a little, an anime I absolutely despised. Heidi *cringe*
Made me want to bash my head on a wall everytime it got shown, which was at least once a year =_=
The song because a cult for parodies, tho.
Suffice to say the chorus says 'Heidi, Heidi, the mountains smile down at you/ Heidi, Heidi, the sheeps say Hi to you, Oooh Myyy (I kid you not, literally Accipicchia), here there's a fantastic world! Heidi, tender, small and with a big big heart!'

And we close with an anime inspired by a movie!
Cantiamo insieme
('Let's sing together', aka The Sound of Music)

Does this even need an introduction? XD
The movie gets played on tv every single Christmas here... is it the same for you? :P

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