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Randomness and suckage

Thank you so much for all the replies in my last entry.
Sorry I disappeared so abruptly after it :(

I just get tired so easily lately, it's weird :\
The most memorable moments of the last few days included:
- Proof-reading a whole guide on cycling (@_@)
- Bumping my head against a kitchen cupboard HARD (I have a bump and a black bruise on my forehead, it's quite fetching -.-)
- Our phone not working anymore and spending the evening trying to track down the morons at the call-center who keep disconnecting me. Still haven't fixed the problem and we're phone-less.

As you can see, I'm leading quite the exciting life =_=;
And just so you know, I've stooped to a whole new low. I'm watching Clamp Campus Detectives episodes on Veoh.
*hides under a rock*

How are you all doing?
I've fallen behind on the friends list again ;___;
*clings to you all*
Tags: ccd, fastweb, my retarded self, rl
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