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Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes, girls! ♥
You made my birthday so special, what with adorable messages and virtual gifts... thank you to all of you, they really made my day! :D

I've had yet another couple of crazy busy days... today I've been at work all day helping for a showing the office prepared. I helped creating the book that goes along with it among other things ^^
It's a really cute showing featuring peculiar bicycles, dressed to represent all sorts of old jobs that were based/traveled with a bicycle. Sounds crazy? XD
The site is still not ready, maybe I'll show you some of them when it is :P

In other news... I've been post-poning doing the meme you tagged me for, Chris. Mainly cause I couldn't pick the other 2 boys XD
But I'll give it a go...

Q1. Please list your three favorite D-Boys members.
[01] Yanagi
[02] Wada
[03] Endo/Igarashi/Channaka/Kaji... I can't pick oooone! XD Ok, let's go for Shunji since probably few people picked him :P

Q2. What do you like about each of the three?

Yanagi... for being Yanagi. Utterly insane and utterly adorable, the kind of guy that could curse at you and you'd still find yourself saying 'Kawaii!' XD
Wada has really grown on me in the last few months. And no, not just cause he's the only one older than me XD
He's funny, free spirited and really rather hot :P
Shunji is like a mix of the 3 above XD And his laugh is so contagious XD

Q3. Which member do you want to be your boyfriend?
Wada will always love his dog more than his woman, so no. I'd say Shunji or Kaji, they look like the type of guys who would threat their girl as a queen :P

Q4. Which member do you want to become your friend?
Yuyan. Cause even when he'll be fed up with you he won't have the balls to tell you and will keep you around :P

Q5. Which members do you want to be your big brother and little
Masaya could be an older brother if he didn't make me fear to be raped at night XD
So umm... Wada or Trystan, they seem to know how to fill that role.
As for younger... Tomo and Yuichi!

Q6. I want to try to do this sort of thing with these members!
Umm... >_>
Shopping? I get a feeling it'd be a surreal experience with most of them >D

Q7. Have you been to the Out of Order Shop?
No T_T

Q8. What are your favorite promotional goods?
D-Boys shirts?

Q9. Have you participated in a handshake event, a talk event, etc.?
No T_T

Q10. From now on, what do you hope the members' activities will be?
A D-Boys tv show! *.*

Q11. People "turning the baton" (i.e., passing the baton, i.e., TAG!)
seregil_1982, fila_desu, kiu22... and anyone else who feels like doing it!

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