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PC are evils, YES they are.

It wasn't enough to delete my precious favorites list, that BTW took monhs to make and organize.
Oh noooo....
Pcs had to mess with my precious Tuesday time online with my American.
Pc had to mess up with my Norton Systemworks update this morning.
OPc had to block my Norton GoBack installation.
Pc just HAD to be a piece of crap and force me to make a scan disk, trying to optimize the disk space.
Optimizing that started about 3 hours ago and it's at a groundbreaking *hold breathe pleas* 30%!!
There are good possibilities at midnight I'll still be here waiting for the damn thing to finish, so MAYBE I'll be able to install the damn Norton thing...if it please him, that's it, tho.

In the midtime I keep refreshing the Croatian LJ hoping against hope to see an update *sniff*
Feel abandoned *tear*
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