March 2nd, 2004


My PC is totally screwed up

Now I can't open AIM without having it froze repeatedly. AIM even started living his own life, not caring I'm right there *whatever*

This sucks.
Tomorrow or Thursday is coming Fede to check the pc out and let's hope he can solve this mess, I wanna get back on there! I need my friends :(

Anne and Kristina, if you read this... I did not disappear, so you know I'm not hiding. I'm sorry :(

On a better note, I got my hair done today :D
And for once I like them!
I cutted them and changed a bit their form, now they come down on the right side, I got highlights again but this time they look golden-ish. I love them :))

But the mothefucker costed me 83 bucks *whatever* I'm never going there again. Mom and me fighted over this She was yelling like a maniac. Blah.
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