May 23rd, 2004


Let's sum it up!

Spent 3 days with Miss Croatia. Saw Britney's fine ass.
Used as an excuse the "lEt me show you particualr things of Milan" to stuff myself with panzerotti.

Sounds good all in all? Uh?

Carolyn is such a sweet girl! She offeres to pay my psycological check ups caused by Miss K. I'm so moved! AWW!

Jokes apart, it was fun :D
And we got to speak to Anne live! On mic! That was dope!
She's so funny and cute! *pinch cheeks*

Ok...I'm done's late saturday, and my metabolisb sucks.
What does it has to do with this? Nothing, I just like the line :b
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It started as an usual boring sunday.
Except there was a little fair down my granma's building, so I went there and bought some clothes.
Got there and find out zia Antonia died :(
Not unexpected at all...and I feel weird. Mean.
Cause I'm not hurting much. Cause I'm thinking more about the akward feeling of going to her funeral than about the fact she freaking DIED.

Part of me feels this was better for her. She probably feels better now.
She was so sick, not able to eat on her own, walk on her, get dressed on her own...
I'm sure that somehow she's better now. Or so I hope.
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