June 4th, 2004


Pharrezy is the Shizzy!

So yeah, wen. I went to N.E.R.D.'s concert...AWESOME! :DD
If only I could have gone with someone enjoying it or pretending to. LOL
Dad bitched and moaned he wanted to come with me, then when we arrived he run to the bar and stayed there the full night, while I was stucking my butt in a contract position sit on the floor waiting for the show to start o.O

Opening act was well...um...let's say Pharrezy has very weird taste in signing artists to his label :umm

Chad wasn't there :( My Filippino! :quiver

But the show was so hot, he brought on stage a lot of fans (99% girls, wonder why :b )
And the best part? Dad hopped back in the car with me humming "Lapdance" :rollin

Why my FHC girls gotta make fun of me ALL THE FREAKING TIME?
I'm al for it most of the times, I laugh with them and have fun. But last night it felt like Opening Season on Stefy... I guess I was a bit too emotional last night, cause it was probably innocent but I took it badly. Still now I think about it and I'm mmh....
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