August 31st, 2004


Milan sweet Milan... maybe

Got home from the vacation (shudder) on Sunday.
Man, what a bad bad idea to agree to that ç_ç
Having to be the only one my mother could bitch at... AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!
Remind me to say a big ol' "Thank you daddy" featuring one strong kick in the ass next time I get him alone.

VMAs... Ah, that sure was a cheer up *rolleyes*
Stupid MTV, damn Bitchoncé, damn everyone!

To add to it all, I might have to skip out of the job in the fare...they're having it from sept 18 to the 21th, and I have a due exam on the 21. And if I skip it chances are theyìll never call me for it again. Great. Fucking great.
*punch wall*
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