September 8th, 2004



They took 2 italian young women, 2 girls that were not linked in any way to what's happening now... they were working for an humanitary organisation built in 1991 to help Iraqi's children and educate them.
And they say they were LOOKING esplicity for them.

Iraq is a sick place. I'm shocked and enraged at the same time.
People put their lives in danger to HELP THEM and they only say "you're italian, we don't want you here".
What the hell they want? Are they trying to destroy their own people? If you try so hard to isolate them, how will they ever rise past this war?

This is all so unbelievable. I'm sorry for those iraqi people who have no fault, but if this is how things are going to go, then I want every single italian out of there.
Where has hunamity goes to?!?
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