September 9th, 2004


A bit better

As of this evening, I feel more inclined to studying.
I've been hating every moment of it this week, but maybe getting an "evening off" is doing me good :)
Tomorrow dad is home from work, and will be for 2 weeks... I hope we won't bicker :\

It warmed my heart to see Iraqi people manifestate for our 2 girls and asking their freedom. If only Al Qaeda and all those integralists weren't there... I'm really thinking they want to cut out Iraq from the rest of the world completely, and then do with it what they want. It's scary. Now more than ever.

I'm getting into HP fanart :blush:
I love how some artists can capture perfectly the image I have in my mind of a certain character. Tonight I saw one of Viktor Krum that was DEAD ON. WOW.
Plus, Harry's fanart in anime style is just too cute, witht hose bright green eyes :bkush again:
I'm not a pedophile I swear, contrary to what a certain Miss K might say or think :b
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