December 2nd, 2004


Cleaning around

*clean around, toss away spiderwebs and such*
Another month and a half without touching this poor neglected journal... It's an habit I'm fearing I'll never completely get out of. *heavy sigh*

But it comes in handy now... to let out my built up FRUSTRATION at how fucking difficult things have to be. Damned University, Damned Parents, to hell it all!! >>:
I'm behind in schedule with the exams, I want to fisnish this year at any costs, but then again it's driving me nuts. I have no fucking idea who I might pick as a teacher for the thesis, I have NO idea how am I ever gonna write a decent one, and before that I have no idea how will I be able to remember all the things I have to remember to pass these exams I have left. I feel like crying when I think of it.
But the moment I resolve to work on it, to take matters in my hands and talk around with teachers gathering infos... I get scared. Scared of all I'll have to do, scared I won't be able to do it... so I once again ends up leaving it for "LATER".

I want to stop this, get out of this frame of my mind. GAH!
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