December 29th, 2004


Waiting for the 31th

FINALLY! The Xmas season is drowning to an end!LOL
Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas...but it can be so stressful! I had 13 people over, had to eat against my will like a PIG for 2 days straight, and I'm still eating that stuff to this day.
I wanted to start eating light Monday but no such luck: Cristna was depressed so she made tiramisù and invited me over for it. We ate a tiramisu in 2. After Chtristmas lunch and S.Stephen's lunch.
You can imagine how GOOD I felt yesterday... and guess what I had to do?
That's right: go out to dinner. Just what I missed and needed.
I stayed out PIGGING OUT til 2 in the morning, and our group was even treatening me to a club stop for drink some more!
Luckily I was saved by my clumsy driver self: I went with no car, so they had to bring me home and the girl who did, didn't want to go to the club. Praise the Lord!!

Now I know I'm being lazy, but I refuse to go to some party on the 31th.. I don't want to. I'm stuffed.Tired. Bloody over with it. I hate this feeling of obligation to go out on New Year's Eve, like it's a sin to not go over the line nad do the most special things on that night. Gah. I'll be very very happy to just go to the movies, wait for Midnight, cheer, send my Best Wishing smses and go to bed. LOL.
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